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Spokane Goth/Industrial

-lilac city in dust-

Spokane Goth/ Industrial
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This exists to bring together the Goth/ Industrial minded people of Spokane, WA and surrounding areas together.

Here you may:
+Find local people wanting to meet other people
+Share music, pictures, art, poetry, show ads, sites, or what ever else related to Goth & Industrial
+Bands, Shows, Clubs/Venues
+The darker and more intellectual sides of life
+NO limits are expressed here.

Plus... get involved with the community!

+See the Spokane Goth Message Board and Chat for even local events

+Industrial/ Goth night coming soon @ THE MOLOTOV ROOM 3023 East Diamond (corner of Diamond and Market) Spokane, Washington

+Other local communities: spokanedustrial + spkn_darkwave

~brought into existance: 2003-11-12~ by vix3n

Updates soon...